• May 22, 2015. by

    Guys’ taking care of those luscious locks is just as important as taking care of the rest of you.  Whether you were born with gorgeous hair or struggling to tame wayward locks, here are some things to keep in mind. (m... read more »

  • May 19, 2015. by

    Cleaning a microwave is generally one of those chores we put off for later, until of course, you need to heat something and you open the door to expose the mess inside. Food and oils splatter during heating and stick to the interior, but cleaning a microwave is a snap with these simple tips. Prev... read more »

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    We've all been told countless times how important it is to own a mobile phone that’s been registered with the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), but how many of you know what the advantages of doing so are?  There are actually several beneficial reasons to own a mobile phone that’s been regi... read more »

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    Now that you've bought that stunning TV home from the store, have you thought about where you plan on keeping it? No matter what size your television is, always take a moment to think about its placement. Why invest in a brand new TV and then have a sub par viewing experience? Here are a couple of tips to opt... read more »

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    Whether you’ve invested in the latest home theatre system or just setting up regular speakers for your PC, it’s important to know everything about your speakers to get the maximum amount of value out of them. In the world of speakers, there are several different kinds of setups and each one has a specific... read more »

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    Most of us breezed through our early 20’s without a second thought given to our skin; youth was on our side, so why waste time with a tedious skincare routine? But now, as we edge towards our 30’s, you start to notice a faint line here and there, or dare I say it, sun spots! Ladies’ now is the time t... read more »

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    Men are always on the lookout for the coolest new hairstyles. From the vintage undercut to the devil-make-care shag hair, these 4 styles are the biggest trending hairstyles for men at the moment and will look great no matter the occasion. read more »

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    Many leading boys schools in Colombo and a few schools around the island will head into one of the most anticipated Cricketing Festive Season called the “Big Match Season”. Cricket is considered as the unofficial national sport in Sri Lanka because of the love and passion Sri Lankans have towards the spor... read more »

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    Baby is on the way and it’s time to celebrate the impending arrival. I used to think buying gifts for a baby shower is a simple matter of finding out the baby’s gender and then buying an item colour-coordinated to suit (Hint: apparently yellow is a good choice if the gender is unknown). This however, is f... read more »

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    After a week of all work and no play, sometimes all you want to do is throw yourself on your bed and sleep the weekend away; and while I’m all for catching up on my sleep, don’t forget, dedicating some time to pampering yourself is a must. At the end of a stress filled week, there’s nothing more impo... read more »

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    We all have favourite TV shows that leave us thrilled at the mere mention of a character’s name and running home to watch after a long day at work; this is my list of hotly anticipated shows of 2015. There’s a good mix of fantasy, drama, horror and sci-fi here, and for the record, the series listed bel... read more »

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    Unilever Sri Lanka announced that the company has signed a working partnership with WOW.lk making its select portfolio of personal care brands available on the site. A dedicated portal on WOW.lk will now offer consumers Unilever products from a host of Sri Lanka's most loved personal care brands including ... read more »

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    The Table Mate is meant to be the perfect portable table, the answer to all your lack of table surface problems but, is it worth it? The answer is, yes! As someone who doesn't have a lot of table space to work with at home, the Table Mate has proven to be one of the most useful purchases this year. The Tab... read more »

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    Continuously revolutionizing e-commerce innovation in the country, Sri Lanka’s largest  online shopping mall, WOW.lk recently signed up with John Keells Office Automation (Pvt). Ltd. (JKOA) as the company’s online partner. JKOA is a wholly owned subsidiary of John Keells Hold... read more »

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    It’s that time of the year again, when women dream of dashing Romeo’s and men dread the anxiety of living up to those expectations; you guessed it, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. However, choosing the perfect Valentine's Day gift for that special someone doesn't have to be so stressful. The mos... read more »

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    The papare music is lined up on your mp3 player, alarm clocks have been set and your casual leave card collected and at the ready. This can only mean one thing; the 2015 cricket world cup is almost here!!!! Are you excited to watch our lions bring home the world cup?  Of course you are; what a silly quest... read more »

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    Everyone needs a time out from the daily grind. However, nowadays any mention of the word travel is usually followed by “I have too much to do, there’s no time etc.” but, guess what, sometimes you just need to let go of all that worry and hit the open road. For those of you with only a day or two to ... read more »

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    When it comes to retail shopping, most of today’s savvy shoppers will tell you that online shopping is the key to scoring a great bargain, and at wow.lk headquarters, we go out of our way to make sure you receive only the best deals and products to make your shopping experience unforgettable. Inc... read more »

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    The ‘Russell Peters – Notorious World Tour 2013, Sri Lanka, was a memorable night in the local entertainment industry, shattering ticket sales records here at wow.lk and swiftly became one of the biggest and most successful events of 2013. Following the success of that spectacular night, wow.lk is proud t... read more »

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    Romance is definitely in the air! I’ve been receiving invites for impending nuptials on what seems like an almost daily basis and while I celebrate the news, I’m also aware that with weddings come the inevitable anxieties of what to buy the happy couple. Buying weddings presents is always hard. How do ... read more »

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    Welcome to my final pick of Samsung smartphones to meet your needs. After reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, I’m rounding off my list with the Samsung Galaxy Core 2 which comes with a price tag perfect for those on a tight budget. The read more »

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    January, the month that puts a whole new spin on the word frugal, it’s in January that we really start to feel just how much we spent over the Christmas holidays and as a result, how little we’re left with. Gone are the heavy shopping bags and near bursting wallets of last month, now, all that’s left is... read more »

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    Picking up from my last post on Samsung smartphones, let’s take a look at my second choice by the smartphone giant, the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. This midrange phone is packed with advanced features one would find in a higher end model but, retails at a more attractive price. The Galaxy Grand 2 is a step u... read more »

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    Having spent some time carefully deliberating and comparing brands, models and prices, you've finally walked away with a brand new TV, the Samsung 32" H4100 LED TV to be exact. And now that you've brought it home, it’s time to get to know all the features it offers. Beside the gorgeous sleek design and 3... read more »

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    After weeks of rushed planning, stressful arguments about locations and counting our monies right down to every last cent, New Year’s Eve was celebrated in grand (budgeted) style once again!  Okay, maybe the word ‘grand’ might be a tad over the top, but things worked out in the end. And, for the second... read more »

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    When it comes to choosing smartphones and with so many brands to choose from, finding the right phone to suit your needs can be a nightmare. For the average buyer, all we’re really looking for is a feature rich, durable phone with a good battery life, and Korean giant, Samsung delivers just that. The lar... read more »

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    The smell of Christmas is in the air! Decorations are up, presents are wrapped and you’re all smiles knowing that your loved ones will be receiving exactly what they wanted. Yeah, right! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been frantically running around trying to find last minute Christmas presents for ... read more »

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    If you are a proud owner of a Samsung H5100 LED TV, you know what I’m talking about when I say it comes packed with some great features. For those of you living without one, all I can say is go buy one now! For the uninitiated, the Samsung H5100 is a 40 inch LED screen that’s ... read more »

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    Hello Ladies! Are you ready for some fun online shopping with your girlfriends? (more…)... read more »

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    Hello Shoppers! Let’s admit it, WOW.lk is a vast site, one might feel overwhelmed by the many things going on in it - quite like the first time at MC a long time ago when huge shopping malls were new to Sri Lanka… Well, WOW.lk is the first online mall in Sri Lanka! So it is just a matter of getting ... read more »

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    Hello Shoppers! Time to answer the Big Question “Why shop at WOW?”. There are a good many reasons why; and the following are just a few of them: (more…)... read more »

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    In the case of TVs, yes the bigger the better. If you’re wondering which size to get, go for the biggest one your budget allows. Of course your ‘big TV experience’ depends on a variety of external factors that you might have not thought a big deal up till now(just a heads up for the new buyers). One suc... read more »

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    Today we celebrate Universal Children’s Day and World Elders Day and their contribution to society, a day which commemorates and bring awareness to and about our previous and next generation. Although regarded in a more pleasant light, Universal Children's Day and World Elders Day isn't just a day to cel... read more »

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    Neck pillows not only offer comfort but they also provide relief. One of the most common body pains are neck pains, whether it is caused by the wrong sleeping position or not enough support. Neck pains can actually be combated with a neck pillow. Even though there are a variety of specialized neck pillows ... read more »

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    Bugs don’t stand a surviving chance against these two killer machines- the Insect Killer and the LED Mosquito Trap. The Insect Killer consumes only 3 watts and spits out over 90 bugs a minute (dengue doesn’t stand a chance). It’s programmed to bait and kill, but safe enough to keep around children. The ... read more »

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    Here we share professional thoughts and feelings about our products and services, from the chillingly borderless view of a Samsung TV to the whimsically exciting pop-up egg roll maker! Not only are these products available on www.wow.lk, but are also offered at mind blowing discounts with warranty! We f... read more »