Bamboo Pad USB - Silver/Black from easyhome

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Bamboo Pad USB - Silver/Black from easyhome


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Quick Overview

4Natural Hand Gestures
Advanced Stylus
Easy Set-up

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  • :   Available (2-7 W/Days)
  • :    2 - 5  Working Days
  • :    All Island Delivery Available
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  • :    Agent
  • :    Available
  • :    14 Days
The Bamboo Pad offers multi-touch controls to add handwritten embellishments to emails, sign documents and to annotate text. It’s easy to install and connects instantly with your computer to offer a seamless work experience.

Natural Hand Gestures

The Bamboo Pad recognizes up to four finger gestures at a time, making it extremely easy to operate. It offers instant gesture recognition and avoids even the slightest time lag to execute your touch commands.

Advanced Stylus

Enjoy accurate note-taking and document annotation thanks to the advanced digital stylus. The ultra-pressure sensitive stylus flaunts an ergonomic design with a perfect grip to avoid wrist fatigue.

Easy Set-up

The device is easy to set-up using the simple plug and play function. It supports a variety of computer operating systems including Windows and Mac.
Delivery Available for:All Island