Black & Decker Mixer With Bowl M650

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Black & Decker Mixer With Bowl M650

Black & Decker Mixer With Bowl M650

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4Warranty: 2 years
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Manufacture of the product: Black & Decker

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The Black & Decker M650 Hand Mixer makes your life simpler in the kitchen. It is a dual shaft mounted beater-mixer powered by a 250W motor, which can be controlled by its 5 speed turbo setting. It also comes with a large capacity 3.5L Geared Automatic Rotating bowl, so you can forget about mixing the same ingredients in multiple stages! Use the M650 Hand Mixer to mix, fold, beat, and whip an assortment of food ingredients. Simply fold back the motor mount, pop in your cake batter, eggs or ready-mix, fold back the mount, and watch the dual-mounted beaters whisk your ingredients into a uniform blend. It’s that easy.


250 Watts power
5 Speed with pulse
Safety heel rest
Beater and dough hooks
3.5 Litre geared bowl (M650)
Beater hook with press button for ejection (M650)
Delivery Available for:All Island