Playpen Mat - 2 layer for 6 Panel Playpen

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Playpen Mat - 2 layer for 6 Panel Playpen


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4Mattress -double layer for 6PP

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Poco Casa provides a plentiful and safest environment needed for a child in their impressionable childhood, stimulating child early development and learning experience. For this purpose, Poco Casa has been made flexible in size and shape. The 6 Panel playpen can accommodate a baby-sitter or more children. It can also be fitted with attachments, such as, a baby-house, a toy box as and when required. All such attachments too are foldable and detachable. The playpens and attachments have many colourful features including embroidered shapes, cartoon characters or other figures to stimulate baby's early learning. In the basic 6 panel form, even mother can join baby at play and even go to sleep with baby close without worrying if baby will fall off the corner of a bed.


Delivery Available for:All Island