Rainco 'Cwiser' Reverse Open Umbrella

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Rainco 'Cwiser' Reverse Open Umbrella


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Rainco ‘Cwiser’ Reverse Open Umbrella


Cwiser is a reverse open umbrella. This means that it opens in a way that provides maximum protection even during heavy rain. You can easily get in and out of a vehicle without getting wet even during heavy rain.

Folding Mechanism

Its folding mechanism is superior to that of standard umbrellas as it allows you to unfold the Cwiser in confined spaces so you don’t have to first get out of your car and unfold your umbrella and get wet in the process. When you fold the wet umbrella the side with water will be on the inside. This means that you don’t have to worry at all about dripping water everywhere.

Durability And Convenience

The high level of durability of this umbrella is achieved with excellent engineering and great material. The C shaped handle will help you to continue using your phone even whilst holding the umbrella.
Delivery Available for:All Island