Sumeet Mixer Grinder - Asia Kitchen Machine

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Sumeet Mixer Grinder - Asia Kitchen Machine

Sumeet Mixer Grinder - Asia Kitchen Machine

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4Warranty:  1 year
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Manufacture of the product: Sumeet

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The Asia Kitchen Machine is Top-of-the-Line Model of Sumeet. Ithas been embraced by thousands of satisfied customers all over the world for its ability to grind Wet or Dry ingredients with such ease. This is a must have item at every kitchen and is guaranteed to deliver quality results.
Model Sumeet Asia Kitchen Machine CAT. No. 993
Voltage 230V AC 50Hz
Motor Sumeet Universal Motor 750Watts
Protection Class I
Material High quality ABS
Power cord Approx. 1.75m, 125V, 10 amps, 3 pin plug
Overload protection Thermal relay of 5 amps for 120V machine
Safety system In built electrical inter-lock system
Carton size 38.5x22.5x44.2cm
Net weight 7.5kg
Delivery Available for:All Island