iLocate Pro (SMS your vehicle to find its location)

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4Warranty: 1 year
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Service Provider: Dialog

  • :   Available (2-5 W/Days)
  • :    2 - 5  Working Days
  • :    Limited Location(s)
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iLocate is the smart way to track the movement of your vehicle. You can track your vehicle from anywhere, at any time by simply sending an SMS. You can also track the vehicle on your Android smart phone using the iLocate App or on your computer using the iLocate web portal.

With iLocate you can track the location of multiple vehicles simultaneously and location history of each vehicle up to 30 days.
Get iLocate Pro device installed on your vehicle and enjoy the iLocate service on any phone on any network 
iLocate Pro Device + installation cost is just Rs. 7155/-
It is simple, easy and affordable…

Tracking service available via Android Mobile App, SMS or #600

Note: Android smartphone users can enjoy is service via Mobile App, SMS. All other mobile users can use SMS. 

iLocate via SMS Dialog users can query the location of the vehicle & vehicle location history up to 30 days by simply sending a SMS to 600. Non-Dialog customers can query the location by sending a SMS to 0114600000.

Benefits iLocate Pro
Affordability Yes
Location finder Yes
Locate vehicle on a map via app Yes
View route history for the day on map Yes
Daily history up to 30 days Yes
*Location based on GPS Technology with higher degree of accuracy
Taxes applicable
Service package for the SMS & #600# use
Benefits iLocate Pro
Affordability Yes
**Location finder Yes*
Find location via SMS or by dialling #600#. Rs. 1.50/- per query (#600# for Dialog customers only) Yes
Query history by date and time via SMS or #600#. Rs.1.50/- Per query Yes
Query History up to 30 days Yes
75 FREE Monthly queries (mix of SMS & #600#) Yes

*Location based on GPS Technology with higher degree of accuracy
**Location name provided by SMS & #600# queries will be the location description given the map source
*Taxes applicable


Standard Delivery Not Available