5 In 1 Air Sofa Bed

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5 In 1 Air Sofa Bed


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The 5-in-1 Sofa bed is a stylish sofa, Luxurious Lounger, Relaxed recliner, a beautifully blissful bed and a children's high rise sleeper, all in one incredible product.

Choose the Original Air-O-Space 5 in 1 Sofa bed for style strength and durability. The Air-O-Space 5 in 1 Sofa Bed, with its patented air chamber technology, quickly inflates to become a sophisticated sofa that provides excellent support and amazing comfort. A quick flip and the Air-O-Space Sofa becomes a luxurious lounger great for watching movies, playing games or just laying about the pool. Turn the lounger over and now you have a relaxing recliner that provides hours of enjoyment while reading a book, taking a break from a hectic day, or just enjoying a nice outdoor tanning session. Release the patented valve and you can drift away into your Queen sized bed for a great night's sleep or a refreshing nap during a hard day. Fold the Air-O-Space Bed in half and now your children have the perfect sleep-over bed. With the Air-O-Space 5 in 1 Sofa Bed you never have to pull out that lump fold away bed ever again or worry where your guests will sleep. More than an ordinary air bed.

You can use your Dual-Action Turbo power pump to inflate and deflate your Sofa bed. To use, simply insert the inflate or deflate port of the pump into the 2-way Air value of the Sofa bed.

The Sofa bed has a 2-Way Air value used for inflating and deflating. It also has a one way value for adjusting the firmness of your Sofa bed. To use, gently push the red tab of the value to allow the air to free from the sofa bed.
dimension:74" x 60" x 25"
1.88M X 1.52M X 64CM
Delivery Available for:All Island