Abans Mini Bar 38 L Refrigerator-ARD 38 R

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Abans Mini Bar 38 L Refrigerator-ARD 38 R


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The Abans Mini Bar Fridge is the perfect way to get extra storage space for food and drinks with a small amount of space. Its compact size makes it extremely portable and the fridge doesn't omit any noise, making it ideal for bedrooms. The Mini Bar Refrigerator maximizes food freshness, keeping all your food fresh and beverages cold within a minimalist, space-saving design that makes it ideal for dorm rooms or small offices.


Model ARD-38
Brand Abans
Capacity 38L
Colour Silver
Voltage 230 to 240V; 50Hz
Bar fridge are perfect for small rooms
Gallon door bin can hold 2-litre bottles of soda, cartons of milk or other over-sized objects
Adjustable thermostat
Warranty Claim Abans Authorized Dealer Aadhil Enterprises
Delivery Available for:All Island