Borma Wachs Water Base Wood Putty-BWBXX

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Borma Wachs Water Base Wood Putty-BWBXX


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Customer should call Nawala JAT Tech Centre (Tel: +94 11 4400108) to check product availability and the delivery date before placing the purchase order to avoid inconveniences.

Borma Wachs

Borma Wachs, based in Italy, is considered a specialist in wood care with a pledge to offer customers only the best in their services and products which include putties, maintainers, marble, stone, terra cotta and timber cleaning agents. With a h2 focus on three key aspects, the Borma Wachs credo is a fine balance of flexibility, reliability and quality; a principle which has served them well to be a leading player in the international industry.  

Borma Wachs WB Wood Putty

Excellent quality putty that covers surface imperfections dries quickly and is easy to sand. Ready to use and is available in a range of wood tones and economical sized packs. Water base wood putty is odourless and easy to use wood putty that does not shrink or sink. It is UV resistant and can be re-stained to obtain the required final finish.

Delivery Available for:All Island