Den-B Glass Top 4 Burner Stove + Free Den B Gas Regulator With Meter

Den B
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Den-B Glass Top 4 Burner Stove + Free Den B Gas Regulator With Meter


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With a classy outlook and versatile performances, this Galaxy Glass-top 4 Burner Stove will perfectly fit into your kitchen top. It allows you to cook easily and safely with one touch ignition. Since the Galaxy Glass-top 4 Burner Stove saves gas and distributes heat evenly, it will be the perfect economical burner stove for anybody. The glass top makes it easy to clean.


A durable Stainless Steel frame and a glass top
Cooks multiple dishes simultaneous
Temperature Control
Specially designed burners
Assure optimum heat and minimum fuel consumption
Automatic ignition
Removable Trivets for easy cleaning


Brand Den-B
Burner type 4 Burner
Product Dimensions (W x L x D) 545 x 465 x 50 mm
Product Weight 12.5 Kg

Specifications of the Gas Regulator

Maximum Inlet Pressure 6 bars
Hose Length 1.5 Meter
Other 300mm - WC 2kg/h
  Factory tested and approved
Delivery Available for:All Island