Homestar Solar Night Lamp - 2pcs

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Choosing the right location
An outdoor location with direct sunshine and where the solar panel of your light can receive at least 6 hours of sunshine each day is an ideal location for solar light. Shady locations will influence the batteries charge and may shorten the working time of the light at night time. The solar light should not be placed near lighting such as street light, which may cause the light to turn off, as there is a sensor inside to feel brightness and control the light working.

The solar light is ideal for night time lighting of the garden, lawn, patio, walks or wherever needed. You can also charge the lights outdoors then use as indoor illuminations.

Please note that the light is designed to work when ambience turns to dark. If there are strong light sources nearby then the lamp might be very dim or not work at all. Although the manufacture has charged the battery, the electric levels will have dropped when you receive it. Please charge it for a full day to optimize performance.

The surface of the solar light must be kept clean, if not, this will influence the efficiency of the charging.

Additional Information

Two plastic solar lights
1Ni – Cd Battery
White LED
Weather Proof
Lights up to 8 hours
One plastic ground stake
Height  Approximately 16 inches
Delivery Available for:All Island