LG DVD Home Theatre-DH-4130S

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LG DVD Home Theatre-DH-4130S


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41 Year Warranty

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Channel 5.1CH
Total 330W
Front L/R 42WX2
Center 42W
Surround L/R 42WX2
Sub-woofer 120W (Passive)
Front & Rear cabinet (tray) Yes
Front - Display FLD
Front - USB 1
Front - Audio In (Portable In) Yes
R/Panel - Video Out (Composite) Yes
R/Panel - Audio Input (L/R) Yes
R/Panel - HDMI (Out) 1
R/Panel - Radio Antenna (FM) Yes
R/Panel - Speaker Terminal - Composing of channel 5.1CH
R/Panel - Speaker Terminal - Terminal Type Push in (Spring)
Speaker Level Trim Yes
Speaker Distance (channel delay) Yes
Test Tone Yes
Mute Yes
A/V Sync Delay (Audio Delay) Yes
Dimmer Yes
Sleep Yes
Volume on TV Yes
USB Direct Recording Yes
Dynamic Range Control On/Off Yes
DVD-RW(Video Mode) Yes
DVD+R/+R (Double Layer) Yes
DVD+RW(Video mode) Yes
Audio CD Yes
Video CD/Super VCD Yes
Video - MPEG2 Yes
Video - DivX Yes
GUI / Menu (Language) Regional Option
Video DAC 148MHZ/12bit
NTSC / PAL Hz 60Hz / 50Hz
Resolution up to 1080p24/60Hz
VBI - WSS / CGMS-A / Closed Caption / Macrovision Yes
NTSC⇔PAL Conversion Yes
Last Scene memory Yes
Screen Saver Yes
Power Resume Yes
Parental Lock Yes
Initial logo Yes
DVD - 1080p Upscaling Yes
Trick Play - Fast Forward BD, DVD(-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA
Trick Play - Fast Back BD, DVD(-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA
Trick Play - Forward Step BD, DVD(-VR)
Trick Play - Forward Slow BD, DVD(-VR)
Trick Play - Reverse Slow BD, DVD(-VR)
Trick Play - Pause BD, DVD(-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA
Search - Title/Track BD, DVD(-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA
Search - Chapter BD, DVD(-VR)
Search - Time BD, DVD(-VR)
Repeat Play - Title/Track HDMV, DVD(-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA
Repeat Play - Chapter HDMV, DVD(-VR)
Resume Stop DVD(-VR), CD-DA,MP3/WMA
Play Mode - Random CD-DA, MP3/WMA
Marker Play CD-DA, MP3/WMA
Power Off Consumption 0.18
Power Consumption 40
Tuner Type PLL
Tuning up / down Yes
Preset up / down Yes
Band FM
Preset Memory 50 Stations
Front - Model Name S43S3-S
Front - SPL 82dB
Front - System Closed Type
Front - Woofer Unit 2.5" Paper cone
Front - Impedance
Front - Magnetic Shielding Perfect Shield Type
Rear - Model Name S43S3-S
Rear - SPL 82dB
Rear - System Closed Type
Rear - Woofer Unit 2.5" Paper cone
Rear - 3D Effect Unit (Top)
Rear - Impedance
Rear - Magnectic Shielding Perfect Shield Type
Center - Model Name S43S3-S
Center - SPL 82dB
Center - System Closed Type
Center - Woofer Unit 2.5" Paper cone
Center - Impedance
Center - Magnectic Shielding Perfect Shield Type
Subwoofer - Model Name S43S3-W
Subwoofer - SPL 80dB
Subwoofer - System Bass Reflex
Subwoofer - Woofer Unit 5.25" Cone Back Firing
Subwoofer - Magnetic Shielding Non-shield
Subwoofer - Impedance
Instruction Manual Printing Book
Simple Manual Yes
Remote Control Unit - Type CB1
Remote Control Unit - Unified Yes
Remote Control Unit - Battery (Size) AAA*2
FM Antenna Yes
Batteries (Remote Controller) Yes
Warranty Card Yes
RCA Code(Video), Yellow, 1P Yes
HDMI Cable Yes
Carton Box Type Tip on
Delivery Available for:All Island