Slime Moto Spair - Emergency Flat Tire\Puncture Repair Kit

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Slime Moto Spair - Emergency Flat Tire\Puncture Repair Kit


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Ever thought of having a spare tire for your motorcycle / scooter. Well now you have. The Slime Moto Spair is your spare tire - just squeeze in the Slime, re-inflate your tire and go! It’s perfect for flat tire repair on motorcycles, scooters, ATV’s and more!

No more manual pushing of your motorbike/scooter to the nearest flat tire/puncture repair shop.

It’s fast, easy and safe.

World’s smallest, compact and powerful air compressor.

Can be used with any make and model of bikes, scooters, ATV’s and more.

Amazingly this sealant can stay inside the tire for two years and can instantly repair future punctures repeatedly.

Guaranteed the SLIME sealant will not cause any harm to the tire and the rim.

"No time to spare then don’t get stranded - Get SLIME Moto Spair"


Moto Spair includes:

High-Power 12 volt 300 PSI air compressor

8oz Slime Tire Sealant bottle

Main harness power cord - 8’/240cm

Power connection w/ fuse- alligator clips- 18”/45cm

Power connection w/ fuse- lighter adapter - 14”/35cm

Power connection w/ fuse- direct pre-wire - 14”/35cm

Air hose with quick-clip - 18”/45cm

Tire pressure pencil gauge, 10-50psi



Delivery Available for:All Island