Slime Safety Spare - Emergency Flat Tire\Puncture Repair Kit

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Slime Safety Spare - Emergency Flat Tire\Puncture Repair Kit


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Product of USA
1 Year Replacement Warranty for the Compressor
2 Years Warranty for the Sealant

Product Description:

The SLIME Safety Spair is the quickest and most comfortable means to fix a flat tire / puncture with only a press of a button.
No longer is it necessary to wait for a tow, change out the tire for your spare, or use a tire jack. 
All you need to do is attach the sealant hose to the tire valve, plug in the power receptacle, attach the air hose to the cartridge nozzle and push the green button to re-inflate your tire. It’s that easy.

It’s fast, easy and safe.

Don’t remove your tire

Don’t wait for a tow truck

Don’t get stuck on highways seeking help

Can be used with any make and model of vehicles

Safety light for night use

Guaranteed not to void tire warranty

Passengers safety is assured as powerful inflator, inflates tires while your family / passengers is safely seated.

Amazingly this sealant can stay inside the tire for two years and can instantly repair future punctures repeatedly.

Guaranteed the SLIME sealant will not cause any harm to the tire and the rim.

"No time to spare - Get SLIME Safety Spair"
Watch the video on how to use it:


Safety Spair includes:

Slime Tire Sealant 16 oz. with Fibro-Seal™ technology
12 volt compressor with built-in tire pressure gauge inflates any tire in less than 7 minutes
2’ air compressor hose with quick-clip
Sealant hose to connect to tire valve
Delivery Available for:All Island