Solar Power system 3KW

Malco Engineering
Rs 630,000
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Solar Power system 3KW

Solar Power system 3KW

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Quick Overview

4Solar cells produce direct current (DC) power which fluctuates with the sunlight's intensity. Energy Efficient, Reduces electricity bill, Extremely low Maintanace, Safety during installation and maintanance, 0% polution. Solar panels are made up of poly-

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Poly-crystalline module: Quality and safety: using UV-resistan sillicon, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004, IEC61215, IEC 61730,Safety glass II, Conformity to CE. Features: Aesthetic appearance with excellect efficency based on innovative photovoltalic technologies. strong frame, passing mechanical load test of 5400Pa, Instead of the normal 2400Pa, withstand heavier snow load and higher wind-pressure. 3kW Grid Tie Inverter - DC Input: MPPT DC Voltage Rage - DC 100~500V, Start Voltage - DC 150V, Rated DC Voltage - 360V, Control System - MPPT (can be 2 MPPT). AC Output: Rated Output Power - 3000W,
Rate voltage - AC220,
Voltage range - AC 185V ~ 264V (1 phase), Normal Grid Frequency - 50/60Hz (Grid frequency),
Phases - 1 phase 2 wire, Control System - PWM, Total Max.Current - 13.6A,
Max. Efficiency - 97%,
Euro Efficiency - 96.40%, Protection Class - IP65,
Cooling system - Natural cooling,
Noise - < 50dB,
Data Interfaces - External RS232C/RS485. Structure: Display - LCD, Packing Dimensions(W*H*D) - 420*530*240mm, Net weight - 16kgs,
Gross weight - 18 kgs, Inverter - Input over voltage, output short circuit, overheat,
output DC component. Protection: Grid - Anti-islanding, over/under voltage of grid, over/under
frequency of grid.
Environment No corrosion gas, flammable gas, oil mist, dust etc.
Operation temperature -10 °C ~40 °C (50 °C). Environment: Stored temperature - -20 °C ~ 65 °C,
Relative humidity - 0~100% (Do not wet with dew). Certification: CE, VDE0126, SAA and ISO

Terms & Conditions

30-45 Days. Procedure: 1. Consumer makes an application for net mettering to LECO and LECO will issue a standardize net metering agreement and list of utility recognize products. 2. Consumer should procure and install only the utility accredited products. 3. Consumer informs LECO that his equipment is ready for commission. 4. LECO inspects the installation. If the installation is up to the LECO standards then an estimate will be provided to fix an import / export meter for net metering. 5. consumer makes the payment to the LECO and sign an agreement with LECO. 6. LECO then fixes the meter test and commission the facility and commenses the net metering. 7. SEA (Sustainable Energy Authority ) recieves a summary from LECO annualy stating the application , contracts , number of active connections, imports and exports , for each type of renewable energy.

Delivery Available for:All Island