WAPP Waterproof Paint White

WAPP Water Proofing Paints
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WAPP Waterproof Paint White


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"WAPP" is a water proofing coating and water proofing for exterior walls, Blind walls, Bathrooms, Rooftop & Concretes.


Surface must be clean,dry and free from dust & poorly adhering materials, grease and moss growth. Extra attention should be given for heavy oxidized areas.

Health & Safety

Ensure good ventilation during application. Remove splashes from skin with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes rinse with water, seek for medical advice. Don't use or store by hanging from a hook above the head. Keep out of reach of children.


Wapp is the best paint in the market for water proofing with internationally recognised certification.
( ASTM D 1653 - 03, ASTM E 96, ASTM D 4587 - 2005 )
Water will not penetrate through Wapp water proofing paint.(Test method SLS 1189 - part 2)
It is an environmentally friendly product certified for minimum use of heavy metals (Test method ASTM D 3335, 3717, 3624)  
Wapp waterproofing paint has the qualities to build a strong attractive bond, helping protect the walls.
Available in a range of attractive colours
Delivery Available for:All Island