WILSONIC 3 Burner gas cooker

Wilson Commodities
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WILSONIC 3 Burner gas cooker


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Three burners to create a rapid, intense source of heat for energy efficient cooking
Piezoelectric ignition system establishes safety and power efficiency giving instant ignition
Robust Stainless Steel structure to help keep your pans and pots safely
Enamel grill for longevity and to make cleanup a breeze
Superior valve regulator to conduct the heat evenly for a perfect cooking


Brand Wilsonic
Model DS3402
Number of Burner 3
Burner Type 100mm+100+100mm Casting Honeycomb Golden Plated Iron Cap
Nozzle Valve Type  Copper
Inlet Pipe Type Electroplate Iron
Dimensions (LxW) 720 x 380 mm
Weight 4.95kg
Delivery Available for:All Island