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An adventurous one night stay on Bed and Breakfast basis for two persons in a Luxury Tent at The Yala Adventure!

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23rd May 2014 to 30th June 2014

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The Yala Holidays

112 454 454/ 777 391 740

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Deal Specific Terms:

  • Voucher is valid from 23rd May 2014 to 30th June 2014.
  • An individual can purchase a maximum of two vouchers.
  • If interested in purchasing more than 02 vouchers, please contact wow.lk on 0117 269 269 for assistance.
  • Only one Voucher can be redeemed against one bill. (Multiple vouchers cannot be redeemed against one bill.)

Voucher Redemption:

  • Child policy & Chargers for Extra Services:  Please contact The Yala Holidays directly for child policy.
  • Vouchers valid only for Sri Lankans & Resident permit holders.
  • Voucher holders must call and make a reservation / appointment in advance at The Yala Holidays on 112 454 454/ 0773906666 to utilize the voucher during the period of validity stating that they have a wow.lk voucher.
  • Reservations will be made subject to availability. Cancelling and rescheduling are at the merchant’s discretion.
  • It is advised to make reservations early to avoid disappointments. Neither the merchant nor wow.lk will be liable if the merchant cannot accommodate the vouchers holders request due to over bookings. The voucher holder will not be entitled to any returns.
  • Vouchers are redeemable at The Yala Adventure Waweyaya, Yodakandiya, Tissamaharama.
  • Voucher holders must produce the voucher at the point of redemption.
  • Vouchers purchased via the wow.lk website using a credit/debit card, require the owner of the card to come in person bearing the card used for the purchase to redeem the voucher.

General Terms:

  • Orders made via the ‘Pay cash’ option require to be completed at wow.lk before 12 noon of the following day of the order being made. Failure to do so will result in said orders being cancelled.
  • wow.lk issued vouchers cannot be combined with other existing offers.
  • Vouchers once bought are non-refundable
  • Vouchers are not exchangeable for cash.
  • Vouchers cannot be reused.
  • Standard The Yala Holidays (Pvt) Ltd terms apply.
  • Standard wow.lk terms apply.
  • For more details please call wow.lk on 0117269269.

About Deal

We ,  The Yala Adventure , troop  of likeminded  people with  undoubted  spirit  of adventure  and  nature  confront  for that .

Aspiration of our  troop  at The Yala Adventure is to  let you  to  feel the  incorrupt component of  mother nature  while  respecting  & preserving  for the  future generation as well  .we  highly   concern  it  because we  believe  that  conserving  nature  today  is the  footing for a  pristine  &  prestigious  green  earth  tomorrow .  nature is not  for mankind only  but mankind  is  a  part of  the nature .

That is our specialty.
The place which we are situated is    greatly enhanced   our specialty & uniqueness. It's the village of "Waweyaya" .definition is the "Range of Lake …."  it's an  unspoiled  rural village  avoided  by hassle and  bassle , fancy people  and  also  most  of the houses  are  made  by  traditional natural buildingmaterials . Villagers are farmers either fisherman's. The meaning of    self-sustaining villagers of Sri Lankan is a chain conjoined by   village - temple - lake and tope. from the temple villagers becomes  rich with religious  and it makes them very virtue.their daily life rooting attached with lake  and  they believe  the tope  make them  protect  with  evil  spirits . It's Waweyaya .

We at The Yala adventure   gives you a remarkable once a life time experience    with most luxuries    camping facilities & room facilities. no matter it's in the  middle  of   no wear in the  jungle  or  lushly  surrounds  of our base  camp .  Mind of no wear your in safe hands. 

In our resort  ,you are well come take a virtual green farm tour in our own  organic  agriculture home  garden .We provide you our  organic  vegetables  and fruits  as  well  as we  encourage  village   farmers  to practice  organic  farming   by  buying  their  products which also enhanced    economic viability of villagers .While engaging to sustainable energy   and water saving methods we  exercise low impact  to  the  environment  and local culture .one of  our mass intention is to reduce  carbon  foot print which will become a essential necessity in future .

Adventure is our specialty. We create existing adventure holiday for everyone.  We have something for everyone.  we assure  a  enchan
t &  fascinate  holiday  for  everyone  on their  pleasure.

The Yala Adventure concede to fell the magical moments and wonders of Mother Nature.
Been  a  child  of  nature  for  a  once  will make  you  a child of life time .

Come ….Experience & explore the possibilities …..

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