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UNICEF Inspired Gifts are real, life-saving and life-changing supplies that we deliver to children and communities around the world. Dedicate these gifts to a friend or loved one with a personalised card, and know that your gift will help to change the life of a child forever.

Early Childhood Development


In the first 5 years of life - especially the first 1000 days - a child's brain grows at an astounding rate, determining how they think, learn and behave. These first 5 years are critical to a child's ability to succeed in life.

UNICEF is highlighting the vital role that fathers and mothers play in the brain development of their children through simple, yet important actions such as stimulation, protection and providing good nutrition.

A child's brain development depends on three things: good nutrition, stimulation and protection or 'eat, play, love' .

By providing nutritious food, interacting and playing simple games, and providing love and care, parents can make a huge and positive difference to their child's development.

By providing nutritious food, interacting and playing simple games, and providing love and care, parents can make a huge and positive difference to their child's development.

By purchasing these UNICEF Inspired Gifts, you can make sure this happens.

Helping parents in Sri Lanka give children the best start in life.


Proper nutrition is especially important during a child's early growth and development. Up to 75% of the energy derived from food goes toward brain development!


Five minutes of play can spark 300,000 brain connections and can help lay the foundation for lifelong learning!


When your child feels safe and loved, it sparks brain connections, making it possible for them to explore the world and learn from it!



Oral Rehydration Salts - 100 Pack Sachets

LKR 15,200
©UNICEF Sri Lanka/Noorani/2015

Bp100 Lifesaving High Energy Biscuit (Carton of 2,000 Biscuits)

LKR 9,200
©UNICEF Sri Lanka/Jayasuriya/2010

Iron Supplements 100 Pack for Iron and Folic Acid Deficiency

LKR 4,200
©UNICEF Sri Lanka/Noorani/2015

High Energy biscuits

LKR 2,300


©UNICEF Sri Lanka/Noorani/2015

New Furniture for Damaged Pre-Schools

LKR 320,000
©UNICEF Sri Lanka/Noorani/2015

Story Books for Children

LKR 2,900
©UNICEF Sri Lanka/Noorani/2015

Skipping Ropes to Help Kids To Exercise and Play

LKR 1,440
©UNICEF Sri Lanka/Noorani/2015

Help a Child Learn and Play

LKR 4,900


©UNICEF Sri Lanka/Jayasuriya/2017

Tarpaulins (Tents) to Shelter Children and their Families

LKR 3,200
©UNICEF Sri Lanka/Jayasuriya/2017

Baby Resuscitation Kit

LKR 7,200
©UNICEF Sri Lanka/Jayasuriya/2017

Help Deliver a Baby

LKR 11,900
©UNICEF Sri Lanka/Jayasuriya/2017

Tetanus Vaccines for Over 200 Children

LKR 12,900

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The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) work in Sri Lanka began in the early 1950s and the first UNICEF country office was established in 1973.

Early work included supporting basic services in health, education, social welfare and water/sanitation.

During the tsunami and the conflict, assistance was focused on emergency humanitarian relief.

As Sri Lanka transitions to recovery and development, UNICEF’s focus too, has shifted to supporting policy and good practice to ensure that the rights of all children and, especially the most vulnerable who are at risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation, are not forgotten.

UNICEF, currently supports national policy development, capacity building, research and, pilot projects that showcase model or innovative approaches that advance the rights of children.

In over 70 years UNICEF has helped to save more children's lives globally than any other humanitarian organization, including 90 million since 1990.

At UNICEF we believe that every child, whoever she is, wherever he lives, deserves a childhood, a fair chance and a future.

That's why UNICEF is there for each and every child, working day in day out, in Sri Lanka, and over 190 countries and territories.

We reach the most vulnerable, the furthest from help and the most excluded. And we never give up.

We could not do any of this without your support!

UNICEF's work is entirely funded through voluntary support, corporate partnership and Individual donations.

By purchasing a UNICEF Inspired Gift, you will directly support UNICEF's work for children, and help change the life of a child forever.

UNICEF, for every child in Sri Lanka